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"If through my art, I am able to spark memories for the viewer of a certain place and time, I know I have accomplished what I set out to do."

Laurie Hatch

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My objective is to suggest a scene to the viewer, allowing details to be drawn by the viewers own imagination and memory.

About the artist

Laurie Hatch is an artist whose primary objective and ambition is to carry on the tradition of American Impressionism. Her primary medium is oil, and her subject matter favors landscapes.

Laurie has a special kinship with nature which is clearly confirmed in her work. Her Impressionist style and pallet present a sense of "being there", while allowing the imagination of the viewer to interpret the painting via personal observations and memories. She seeks to suggest rather than precisely define the subject.

Painting since her teens, Laurie studied in East Aurora, NY with Carl Illig, a well known painter in the Western New York area. Illig was a friend and painting companion of Emile Gruppe, and he studied with Arthur Kowalski, who was a student of Alexis Fournier, a Roycrofter. This gave her a solid foundation in the Impressionist method.

Growing up on a 120 acre piece of farmland outside of East Aurora where her family raised horses, dogs, and various other animals, she began horseback riding at a young age perched snugly in front of her father who was a former US Cavalry officer. She grew to love exploring the woods, fields, and streams on the farm, and observing nature. After high school her love of horses took her on an adventure riding as a pony girl and occasional exercise rider at Thoroughbred race tracks in NY, Ohio, and down to Miami. She returned to East Aurora where she met her husband, started a family, and resumed painting with Illig. In the mid 1980's the family moved to Austin, TX where after the children were older she resumed painting in earnest.

Laurie now lives in The Upstate of South Carolina where after a hiatus to care for elderly family she has resumed painting in her Greenville, SC studio. Awards and exhibitions include Best in Show in the 1992 Buffalo, NY Fine Arts League Fall Show, exhibit by selection at Amado Pena El Taller Gallery, KLRU Founders Show in Austin. She received Special Recognition at the Houston International in 1994. Represented by The Westlake and Metropolitan Galleries in Austin. Her work resides in many corporate collections including AT&T, Dell Webb Corporation, The City of Austin, and in many private collections.

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